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Directorate of Academic Planning & Quality Assurance Home Page

Welcome Address of the Director

You are welcome to the official website of the Directorate of Academic Planning and Quality Assurance (DAPQA) of the University of Cape Coast. The Directorate is responsible for coordinating the planning and monitoring of academic programmes in the University. Also, it is the main body responsible for spearheading the quality assurance system of the University including all sections, departments, schools, faculties and colleges.

It employs various mechanisms to maintain high-performance standards and to assure total quality management in all activities that directly or indirectly influence the delivery of academic services. The Directorate seeks to ensure that total quality management principles are adhered to in the operations of the University. The activities of the Directorate are expected to contribute significantly to the achievement of the vision and mission of the University of Cape Coast.

Prof. Daniel Agyapong (Director of DAPQA)

Sections of the Directorate

The Academic Planning Section is responsible for coordinating the planning and monitoring of academic programmes.



the Quality Assurance Section is responsible for monitoring both academic and administrative activities meant to ensure the continuous improvement of academic standards in the University.



Activities of the Directorate

  • Survey on Study Centres of College of Distance Education (CoDE)
  • Student Appraisal of Administrative Services in the University
  • Survey on Gender Mainstreaming in the University
  • Survey on Gender Mainstreaming in the University
  • Collaborating with one of the Vice-Chancellor’s Committees to conduct Tracer Studies
  • Survey to Ascertain the Attitude of Academic and Non-Academic Staff towards Student
  • Security on UCC Campus Survey
  • Graduate Studies Survey
  • State of Laboratories Survey
  • Review of the University’s Quality Assurance Policy
  • Development of Peer-to-Peer Review/Monitoring Instrument
  • Survey on Health Facilities in the University
  • Survey on the Library Services in the University
  • Survey on Accommodation Services in the University
  • Development of Quality Manual for the University
  • Workshop on Examinations for Examination and Registration Officers of the University
  • Survey of State of Lecture Theatres at the beginning of the First and Second Semesters of the 2020/2021 Academic Year
  • Regular Students’ Appraisal of Courses and Teaching for First and Second Semesters 2019/2020 Academic Year
  • DRIC Survey on Research and Scholarly Output of Academic Senior Members of the University of Cape Coast
  • Lecture Monitoring for the Regular Mode (2020/2021 Academic Year)
  • Lecture Monitoring for the Sandwich Mode (2020/2021Academic Year)
  • End-of-First-Semester Examinations Monitoring for 2020/2021 Academic Year
  • Observance of COVID-19 Protocols on UCC Campus
  • Survey on Student Internship Programmes (SIPS) in the University
  • Monitoring of Part-time Lecturers’ and Demonstrators’ Teaching Activities in the University
  • Survey on Accreditation of Academic Programmes in the University
  • Assessment of Online Teaching during the 2021 Academic year for both regular and Sandwich students
  • Survey on Sanitation (Washrooms) in the University